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Welcome to Online College Reviews where you can find information about the best learn from home options for your education. Here we provide free information regarding top online schools where you can learn from home. Don’t hesitate to check out links from our sponsors where you can receive information on individual accredited institutions.

Distance learning is more prevalent today than ever. With the advent of Covid-19 more people are learning from home more than ever before. Scholarly pursuits are not to be put on hold, however. The links on our website are the best of online colleges.

Our list of online schools begins with Drexel University. My father graduated from Drexel with a degree in computer science. Philadelphia holds Drexel’s campus and online degree seekers gain the advantages of its diverse set of degree programs. Student satisfaction is high with a freshman retention rate of 4/5 students. Online learners have the benefit of customizing their study schedules and degree paths. Students can earn prestigious Drexel University credentials on relatively short time frames due to their acceptance of credits from other Universities. They allow 120 quarter credits or 80 semester credits to be accepted.

Next we have University of Arizona. It is a highly recognized school and it has a reputation for quality educational benefit. All students in online programs pay in-state tuition rates. You don’t have to reside in Arizona to gain the benefit of cheaper expenses. It has a reputation for excellence, and surveys indicate high satisfaction levels. Undergraduate degree-seekers have the opportunity to gauge a large number of online bachelor’s programs. The school accommodates online transfer students. It matches incoming peers possessing previous college credits with dedicated advisors to help them navigate their transition.

George Washington University is one of the best because of its extensive list of federal and international organizations it has as its partners. It is well renown for its tiny class sizes, George Washington University courses always feature even better student-to-professor ratios than those found on its campus. This leads to learners in online programs benefiting from personalized attention. Online tuition fees are set by program, but are maintained at special rates delivering significant savings compared to on-campus attendance.

Eastern Florida State University has the benefit of being on one of Florida’s nicest beaches, Cocoa Beach. It offers online degree access to learners based in all 50 U.S. states. It provides education in nursing, business, computer science and information systems, and applied health sciences. Online learners gain flexibility, as the college provides five start dates for courses during the calendar year. Online students benefit from access to the school’s expansive academic support, advisement, educational resources and services.

Purdue University is famous for its high freshman retention rate as well as a 3/5 graduation rate. It boasts this stat while maintaining one of the lowest costs for in state students as well as competitive rates for out of state tuition. Online students can put effort toward bachelor’s degrees in subjects ranging from the arts and sciences, business, economics, and communication. These attributes lead to a genuine student culture and excellent affordability profile.

A big name in collegiate sports also known for its quality education programs is the University of Florida. It combines its big name with relatively low tuition as well as program variety become known on the list of the best online colleges reviews in the United States. University of Florida offers many online programs where students can gain bachelor’s degrees. The school boasts online programs including those in the fields of communications, public relations, nursing, business, fire and emergency services. The university’s online students enjoy the flexibility of policies that support customized course loads and study schedules. Make sure to wake up early on course selection dates so you can get the best schedule. The university supports the success of online learners by mating every student with their own advisor. At the career connection center those enrolled can sign up for individual career coaching, degree-specific networking, and advanced job search tools and support.

At University of Central Florida online, new students gain from a favorable combination of wide program selection, cheap tuition, as well as excellent institutional support for nontraditional students. University of Central Florida has accrued more than 20 years experience using online learning technologies. It has one of the lowest cost profiles of any regionally accredited institution in the country. Students can study for their bachelor’s degree in areas such as social and physical arts, the liberal arts,sciences, and humanities. Every degree-pursuer in an online University of Central Florida learning adventure also receives one on one access to an academic success mentor. You will have a guide through the admissions process, continuing through your graduation. Your advisor will provide a personalized degree-completion plan, connect you with program-specific resources and support, and help peers craft winning career development strategies.

Keiser University operates campuses throughout the State of Florida. The University’s mandate states a mission where they provide practical, affordable, and convenient job training to adult learners looking to expand their employment opportunities. Keiser holds a designation as a school that awards degrees at each level, from associate to undergraduate, to masters and doctorate. Keiser is accredited regionally. The school ranks among the top providers of job oriented education in the United States South region.  Online learners can earn degrees in health fields including health information management, nursing, health sciences, and health services admin.

Georgia’s Mercer University has grown to become one of the state’s premier online colleges and degree seeking programs. It is a private nonprofit that enjoys a great reputation and ranks with top of the line private colleges in the state. Online learning is among the school’s top institutions. Learners can join several online college reviews and programs where they can gain their undergraduate degree and more. Students can find a degree with majors in informatics, healthcare, social sciences, human development, and mental health fields.

Maryville University is a top online college, founded as an academy for underprivileged and female students at a time when these demographics remained underrepresented in online college reviews. The university gained accreditation and expanded its service outlook. Maryville launched a “Weekend College” program aimed at helping working adults graduate with a degree. When online education gained traction, Maryville jumped on board and showed its potential. Now you can gain a bachelor’s degree in fields such as forensic psychology, exercise science, and organizational leadership. The school maintains report with some large corporations offering graduates a direct line to career opportunities.

Indiana University is well known for its educational acumen. Indiana University Online has expanded its program offerings recently. It can boast that many in the college’s student body now take at least one online class. Learners gain from a teamwork-based approach to their online learning. They come highly rated from Online College Reviews.

Florida International University is based in Miami, Florida. They are renown for their online learning expertise. Recently they began matching online college attendees with dedicated advisors to help them navigate the nuances of internet-based learning. At Florida International University they offer choices of Asian studies, exceptional student education, and hospitality management. The college offers program start dates throughout duration of the year. They offer a Career Engage certification program in order to boost graduates’ career opportunities by offering paths to stand out optional professional credentials that help their employ-ability.

University of Alaska Southeast online students are delighted to earn their online college degrees in special education, general social sciences, elementary education, and various business administration and liberal arts disciplines. The school features a divine learner-to-professor ratio and applies similar admission and quality control standards to its online as to its traditional classes. They are renown for the quality of their education and liberal arts programs.

Kansas State University is next on our list of online college reviews. Learners can explore online bachelor’s programs in animal science, food sciences, human development, nutrition and health, business, education, and the social sciences. Many of the same faculty members who teach in person classes lead K-State internet based courses. Students benefit from regional accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It is the same as the credentials of the physical campus.

Mckendree University is Illinois’ oldest college. Learners enjoy a small class size and low student to teacher ratio in their educational environment. The school boasts five completely online programs. They are information systems, psychology, nursing, sociology and criminal justice, and business administration.

Concordia University St. Paul ranks with Minnesota’s best affordable private colleges for those learners seeking a degree. There are 20 different bachelor’s degrees online college reviews students can achieve. Transfers are welcomed and they provide a scholarship for those coming over with an Associates degree. Eligible students gain easy credit transfers leading to degree completion in two years or less.

Oklahoma State University has some of the lowest online tuition rates of any major University in the United States.  The school uniquely brands itself as America’s Healthiest Campus. They have scholarship programs exclusively open to online learners. Online learners can take classes leading to 22 degree paths.

Peirce College  is a tiny private college based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Peirce serves as Philadelphia’s sole online higher education university dedicated to serving adult students exclusively. The institution offers the majority of its college classes on the internet. Students can gain degrees in the fields of business administration, accounting, and technology management. Peirce offers one of the country’s easiest transfer credit rules. Students can apply 102 transfer credits to their degree at Peirce. They are known for their advisors and counselors as well as financial aid specialists.

Bay Path University is a girls only online school that offers many online bachelor’s degrees for undergraduate learners. Their programs include human services, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, community health and counseling, offender rehabilitation and victim advocacy, food industry management, digital marketing, business analytics, and human resource management. They have programs where students can earn a bachelor’s degree in one year. They have a relaxed credit transfer policy and six program begin dates annually.

Mary Baldwin University offers one of Virginia’s best online tuition rates. Programs include healthcare informatics, marketing, and nursing. The institution supports 84 transfer credits allowed. Their flexible course schedule allows those students to graduate an undergraduate degree within a year. Incoming learners can also receive recognition for volunteering, career and life service, military experience, and other special training. Academic advisors, financial aid counselors, and professional networking and career-planning services round out some of the advantages students can benefit from.

Northeastern University is a private school where degree seekers can choose from ten undergraduate paths as well as 23 master’s degrees. Most programs offered by Northwestern are succinctly online. Applicants must possess a high school diploma or GED, but there is no requirement to submit ACT or SAT standardized testing scores. 

Texas Tech is a public university in Texas. They offer sixteen undergraduate degrees 37 master’s as well as six doctorate degrees. Their admission requirements are 2.25 GPA at a minimum for transfer credits. The SAT or ACT tests are required for entry to its online program.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University offers students a choice of sixteen undergraduate degrees, 21 master’s programs as well as one doctorate program. For admission they require a 2.5 GPA minimum.

Appalachian State College offers online and hybrid programs. They are a public school, offering eleven bachelors degrees as well as sixteen master’s programs. Online programs do not require on-campus learning; hybrid programs do require in person courses or paid/unpaid internships.